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Welcome to DOLORES.

DOLORES is the new global citizen of Carlsberg Byen, utilizing the entire world as a gastronomic playground.

The majority are found in Denmark, but we also borrow from the shelves in Spain, Italy, and other places when we come across fantastic produce deserving a spot on the menu.

On our menu, we have found inspiration in various corners of the world, notably in the vibrant Mission District of San Francisco, after which we have named our restaurant.

DOLORES was the place where Spanish missionaries first set foot in 1776, and today, Mission and DOLORES are a true melting pot of food and cultures. You will taste that diversity on our menu.

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DOLORES is part of the LOCA Gruppen and LOCA Restauranter, which owns
and operates restaurants such as STUDIO, KILDEN in Tivoli, Almanak in the Opera House, and RADIO.

You can read more about LOCA Gruppen here.

The sustainable approach
In LOCA Gruppen, we work with sustainable restaurants and activities based on our mantra:


Every meal that LOCA sends out into the world should make a positive difference. Our food should taste fantastic, but it should also be made in a way that considers both the planet and the people who make it. We believe that if we do it right, we can enjoy ourselves towards a healthier planet while also contributing to more joy, more flavor, and more prosperity throughout the food chain.

LOCA Gruppen is owned by Merete Holst and Dorte Juhl Østergaard, who also run the canteen company LOCA Kantiner and the consulting company LOCA Management, which provides assistance in food and sustainable gastronomy.

You can read more about their approach here.


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