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At DOLORES, our chefs adhere to a single guiding principle – the ingredients must be exceptional. While many of these are sourced locally in Denmark, we also procure from the shelves of Spain and Italy when we discover outstanding produce worthy of inclusion on our menu.

We have an affinity for bold and diverse flavors, thus we enthusiastically incorporate spices and culinary techniques from various food cultures into our offerings.

At DOLORES, we prioritize the use of sustainably caught fish from Denmark and the Nordic region, Danish meat from animals that have been well-treated, and organic ingredients overall.

The objective of DOLORES – and all other LOCA restaurants – is to maintain a high standard on the plate while adhering to a sustainable approach towards ingredients, the environment, and people.

Similar to the group's other establishments, DOLORES will also follow the guidelines for social sustainability and fair working conditions outlined in our 'Manifesto for Sustainable Gastronomy' within LOCA Gruppen.

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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Therefore, in 2021, LOCA Gruppen, drawing on several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, formulated a 'Manifesto for Sustainable Gastronomy'. This manifesto outlines the direction for our approach to sustainability and our business. For us, sustainability is not just about where the carrots are grown – sustainable gastronomy also involves ensuring that our chefs and servers work under conditions we can stand behind. We want the restaurant industry to be a place where people want to stay, learn, and grow – even when they are over 30 years old and have children.

Learn more about our manifesto here.


The path towards a sustainable restaurant industry is paved with dilemmas and compromises. There are many ways to do things, and we acknowledge that our way will never be perfect. However, this does not deter us from striving for it.

Therefore, every year we produce a Sustainability Report for all of LOCA Gruppen's restaurants, where we provide tangible figures and facts regarding our sustainability efforts – and set new goals for the future.

We believe that through integrity, great taste, and culinary joy, we can contribute to creating positive changes in the world. Both our industry and our planet are in need of this.

Learn more about our sustainability report here.

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